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The Ronas


The Ronas is an Indonesian

rock band formed in 2012. The band consists of lead vocalist and drummer Adi Permana, guitarist and backing vocalist Ivan Vadi, and bassist Kondjonk. Originally, The Ronas was a 'jam sessions band' that initiated by Adi and Ivan. The jam sessions they both played were mainly influenced by garage rock music. But in the progress, they're growing up with broader music influence, adding some of hard rock, punk rock, and power pop elements, heavily influenced by the old sound of rock n' roll and blues like The Beatles, AC/DC, Bob Dylan, and the modern one like Green Day and Sheila On 7 (Indonesian band).

The story began in the middle of 2012 when Adi and Ivan (both are a long-time friend in band, former Corridors Band) meet up again after the break up of their band in 2008. In their reunion, they started playing music together again in a jam sessions on the studio. At that time, there were no band name and song. There was just the composition of sound based on drums and guitar. Later, after a routine and intensive jamming, Ivan tells to Adi that the composition of music they had created would be better if it filled with lyrics. Later, Ivan asked Adi to wrote some lyrics. It's not taken much time to prepare the lyrics because coincidentally all lyrics have already written by Adi for a long time that it all saved at his note (some came from Adi's Facebook Notes and some from his Notebook). When all lyrics been added to the music, they feel it's a 'perfect blend' and bunch of songs automatically come up. Since then, they're getting more enthusiastic about the band prospect and they started looking for a bass player and thinking of the band's name. At the end of 2012, they invited Kondjonk to join as bass player and they also found the name for the band 'The Ronas'. The name 'The Ronas' is taken from a word in Indonesian 'Rona' that means 'color', and from a word in Hebrew 'Rona' means 'happiness'. Finally, name 'The Ronas' was chosen because they feel it's catchy, simple, and could describe their feeling in playing music.
PERSONEL Adi Permana, Ivan, Adi K